Cobot redefined!

The new generation of CRA series adopts a high performance all-in-one joint that increases its cycle time by 25% for optimal efficiency. With the assistance of the brand new control box and operating software, human-machine collaboration is brought to a new height in terms of safety, stability and expandability.

Building upon the safety, efficiency, flexibility, and ease of use of the CR series, the CR20A breaks through the payload limit to 20 kg, opening up a wider range of applications for collaborative robots. With a 1,7m working radius, the CR20A can meet the demands of heavy-duty picking, packing, palletizing and welding in the automotive, home appliances, logistics and metal processing industries.

The CR20A adopts an industry-first dual-channel end effector design, which can directly connect to multiple end tools. It also features a visual status indicator at the base for intuitive recognition of operating status. With advanced motion control algorithm, the CR20A operates more stably, with residual vibrations reduced by 50% during high-speed emergency stops. The CR20A supports Profinet and Ethernet/IP communication protocols and connects seamlessly with PLC.
Der CR20A lässt sich nahtlos an eine SPS-Schnittstelle anschließen.

When overloaded, the robot will automatically sound an alarm. The CR20A also features an innovative electromagnetic brake protection, which reduces the end tool drop distance at power failure.

Performance Unleashed

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