DOBOT Products

We are DOBOT distributor.
As #1 exporter of industrial robots and developer of the world's first desktop robots and the only mass-produced collision detection system, DOBOT is constantly researching new technologies and applying them to robots.

With 6 different product lines to offer, Dobot robots are currently operational across over 15 industries including consumer electronics, automotive, metal processing, semiconductor, healthcare, chemical and retail. As first in the industry to offer a product line up that covers 0.5 to 20 kg payloads, DOBOT will impress in every industrial area. DOBOT robots will collaborate with human workers to significantly increase productivity and efficiency.

The various DOBOT models lower the barrier of entring into automation and is favored by numerous small and medium-sized enterprises.
As distributor, we support you with any product series from the DOBOT range, from individual components to complete systems.


DOBOT CR series is user-friendly and flexible making it ideal for a wide range of industries, such as the automotive industry, healthcare or chemical laboratories. Thanks to active obstacle avoidance and 5 adjustable levels of collision detection, robots of the CR series are save for human collaboration, easy-to-use and simple to deploy.


With the CRS series, human-machine-collaboration will get even safer. Equipped with SafeSkin for pre-collision detection and even shorter reaction time, the risk of collisions is enormously reduced and efficient human-machine collaboration is ensured. The intelligent interaction panel offers quick access to drag-to-teach options.


The DOBOT Autonomous Mobile Manipulation Robot (AMMR) combines cutting edge SLAM, laser navigation, and human-machine interaction technologies to realize transportation and pick-and-place solutions, featuring precise navigation, proactive safety measures and easy-to-use software.
Combined with accessories, the AMMR can perform tasks such as autonomous transportation, loading & unloading to multiple machines, power inspection and more, to improve logistics efficiency in industrial scenarios.


The M1 Pro is a 2nd generation intelligent collaborative SCARA robot that combines DOBOT´s cutting edge software and hardware platforms, making it ideal for the manufacturing needs of the light industry as it can perform even more complicated tasks, and manual tasks such as sorting and pick-and-place, while collaborating with humans without safety measures.


Nova cobots are ultralight, easy to use and compact. The intuitive, graphical user interface requires no coding knowledge. Thanks to AI and drag-to-teach, a NOVA robot learns new movement patterns in just a few minutes and can copy skills from other robots via cloud storage. Multiple built-in safety features ensure versatility across various commercial applications, including beverage, restaurants, physiotherapy and more. The Nova series offers exterior customization options. Mix and match color combinations that work with your brand.


The MG400 is an ultracompact robot with a footprint smaller than a piece of A4 size paper and an action radius of approx. ±160°. It is highly portable and ideal for flexible production. The MG400 can perform repetitive tasks such as loading and unloading or measuring tasks. With its drag-to-teach function or simple graphical interface programming, the robot is suitable for developers at all levels and learns its tasks in just a few minutes.